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Solar Unlimited is a renewable energy resource company whose founders have lived exclusively on solar power for five years and know firsthand the power of the sun. They specialize in Solarwall which is a fresh air heating and ventilation system and also carry photovolatic panels, wind generators and other alternative energy products. They also serve as an authorized distributor in the Western United States for Solarwall. This system uses the sun's energy to supply pre-heated fresh air to your building, home or cabin. Solarwall improves indoor air quality, and lowers heating bills at the same time. It has been proven by the Department of Energy that 30 degree air can be raised to 80 degrees using SOLARWALL.

The Solarwall is a metal cladding mounted several inches from home or building's outer wall as well as the roof. The patented Solar wall has received several awards including the most advanced solar thermal collector ever developed, Prestigious R & D award and numerous other international award based on its being efficient and cost effective. It was invented about 20 years ago in Canada and has been used extensively there and in Europe and becoming widespread in the US.

Numerous benefits can be obtained from Solarwall including lower heating bills, improves indoor air quality, maintenance free, provides air ventilation, 100% recycled material, cuts down fossil fuel dependence, not an air pollution contributor, most coest effective alternative energy on the market, solar tax credit and it is made in America!

They also provide necessary information on handling and installation of Absolyte Batteries plus the charging settings required for solar, wind, hydro and generators.

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Solar Unlimited Energy & Homes, Inc
Located at 2353 Park Ave. Cedar City, UT 84721
For details call us: 435-867-9876
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